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EAGO Whirlpool Bathtubs – Making a home spa

EAGO Whirlpool Bathtubs – Making a home spa

Whirlpool Bath Tub

Even the mention of shower or bathing seems like an offense in winters! But we want to share something that will make you happy about the “Winter is Coming” refrain! We are talking about a super cool or super warm whirlpool bath tub that will make your baths special and luxuriously relaxing. No, this is no exaggeration.

EAGO Canada is so excited to introduce the AM 505 EAGO Whirlpool bath tub – the stylish, ultra-functional bath tub with a water fall feature. Yes!

Unbelievable, right? Well, here it is, check this must-have bath tub yourself and add it to your luxurious bathroom before this year end. If you are looking to spend on something for your home and have an allocated budget, then this could be a great purchase.

Let’s see what makes the AM 505 Eago whirlpool so hard to resist.

Okay, so we agree that the name is not too cool but who cares when it’s loaded with numerous features. We are not listing all of them here as the product description mentions them all.

1) An Aesthetic Exterior – With a well-designed exterior and shape, this whirlpool bath tub will be an object of beauty in any bathroom, thanks to the high-gloss acrylic, combined with the strength of fibreglass. If you think you cannot find a bath tub that matches your classically decorated bathrooms then you will be happy to welcome this addition to your baths. A perfect complement to any beautifully designed space where you don’t want the world to enter.

2) Modern Fixtures & Features – The bath tub is loaded with modern looking and advanced features. We are talking about stainless steel jets, water fall, thermostatic valve with safety stoppers that prevent back-flow. Digital touch screen interfaces and control systems, sound control and Chromo therapy that allows you to choose and set lighting from among 7 different lighting systems.

3) Hydromassage systems – There are hot and cold water pipes that can be set at the perfect temperature and pressure.

4) Ozone Disinfection Function – The new upgraded AM 505 bath tub comes with an Ozone Disinfection function that sanitizes your bath better than any other chemically active and potentially dangerous mechanism or additives.

The bath tub comes with a 5 year warranty on all parts. If you love it, we don’t blame you but if you don’t, we don’t mind a little bit of coaxing. This post doesn’t cover all that the tub offers, so you may want to check out AM 505 EAGO Whirlpool Bath Tub to know more about it.


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