Frequently Asked Questions


 General Questions

Where can I purchase EAGO Products- Do you sell direct to consumers?
You can find a list of our Authorized distributors on our Dealer page found on this site. We only sell thru our dealer network
I did not purchase my EAGO product from one of your dealers or my product is out of Warranty Where can I get parts?
We have parts available for all EAGO and Ariel Platinum products. Please email us with your list of parts of what you need with pictures if possible, your product model number and where you purchased your product from. We will send you invoice and credit card information for payment including shipping. We ship parts anywhere in the world.
Do you ship outside of Canada?
Yes we do. We have customers all over the world. Most popular destinations outside of USA are Australia. New Zealand, Canada we also have some customers in Europe and Africa. please contact us and we will get you the best rate possible.


Toilet Questions

What is the warranty for EAGO toilets?
EAGO Canada Ltd. offers limited warranty of 24 months from date of purchase for the flushing mechanism of toilets. 12 months of limited warranty is offered for toilet seats.
Are there other colors available for EAGO toilets and pedestals besides white?
Only pure white color currently available.
How long will soft closing EAGO toilet seat can last?
It is all depend on use. Normally we recommend to change toilet seat every 2 – 3 years for sanitary reasons. Mechanically it can survive a lot longer than that. NEVER step or place heavy objects on toilet seats, – IT WILL BREAK. The number one reason for broken toilet seat – leaning on it with a knee.
How much water do EAGO Dual flush toilets use?
5 litres Standard 1.6 gallons per flush for the full flash or 3 Litres 0.8 gallons per flush for the half flush. Most dual flush systems can be slightly adjusted for quantity of water used per flush.
I have a toilet that looks like an EAGO toilet but has a different name on it. Is that the same toilet?
Yes, it is probably the same toilet. Some distributors order large quantity of EAGO toilets with their own name or logo on the toilet, but it is the same toilet and all the components are the same. If you not sure it is the same toilet, please send s some pictures and we will let you know.
If I need parts for my EAGO toilet, where can I get it?
We sell most of the parts for EAGO toilets, If you do not see part you need on this website or you do not know the model of your toilet PLEASE contact us. We have parts in stock even for toilets that are no longer in production.
Is it possible to use EAGO toilets for a 10 inch rough-in instead of Standard 12 inch?
Some of the models are available for 10″ rough in. Also we can also offer conversion Rough-In for EAGO toilets you purchased somewhere else. Please contact us and will try to help with your installation.
The flushing system on my toilet looks different from the one on the website, please explain?
Some models of toilets have different flushing systems for newer models and they are NOT compatible. If your part looks any different from the one shown on the website please contact us. We probably have you part in stock
What causes my toilet to turn on and run without anyone touching it?
There are several possibilities here. Most Common: the problem is often referred to as the “Phantom Flush” and usually caused by the design of the refill valve. (NOT just EAGO, but most of modern toilets) Consider it a valuable feature; it is signaling that your toilet is leaking at the flush valve. It continues to repeat this refilling of the leaked water until someone replaces the flapper.
What is all about that special glazing?
The formula of slip and glaze is introduced from Germany and the best chemical additives from Germany are also employed. Purpose – to make surface of toilet stick free and easy to clean. Besides, that makes  the look of the product also fantastic.
What is dual flush system?
Dual flush system is water saving feature where you have an option to flush full tank or half tank of water. Dual flush toilets may be another defining moment in the development of the American john: the introduction of environmental conservation to the process of elimination. Interest in low flow and dual flush toilets is on the rise in Canada and the United States, due in part to increased government regulation and the rising cost of water, and there are incentives for making changes in the way we use the commode.
What is a removable seat?
Removable seat (also known as quick release toilet seat) – is an option to remove or install the toilet seat with the click of a button for easy maintenance and cleaning
What is the difference between one piece and two piece toilets?
Toilets are generally offered in two configurations, one piece and two piece designs. One piece toilets offer an integrated tank and bowl, eliminating the crevice between the tank and bowl that can often get dirty. One piece toilets are generally found in more upscale homes and are also uniquely available in low profile, low height styles.
What is a skirted toilet?
Skirted toilet has the trapway covered by flat ceramic surface. There are no visable mounting bolts or crevices where bacteria can reside. That makes your toilet a lot easier to clean and gives the toilet better looks.
Are EAGO toilets cUPC and Watersense certified?
Yes most EAGO Toilets are UPC certified for sale in Canada and United States. Some dual flush models are water sense certified as well.
Do EAGO toilets qualify for my local Watersense rebate?
Yes some dual flush models are water sense certified such as model TB222, TB309, TB353 TB351,TB346


Steam Shower Questions

How will I get these showers into my house?
All showers come in 4- 6 crates and are made up of individual panels that are easy to handle. After opening the crates simply carry each piece into your house and assemble the shower in your bathroom. All panels are designed to fit thru standard doorway.
How difficult are EAGO showers to assemble?
Most people can assemble and install any of the EAGO steam showers in less than a day with 2 people.
What are the colored panels made of?
the colored wall panels are 8mm tempered glass that is opaque so you will not see anything thru the colored portion of the glass.
Are these steam showers easy to clean?
Yes. EAGO steam showers are extremely easy to clean because they have large flat glass panels that do not have grout lines ect. To clean showers you do not even need the use of cleaning agents. Simply turn on the steamer in the shower for 5min then squeege the walls and wipe the chrome fixtures with a towel. Cleans up in less than 2 min.


Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub Questions

How do EAGO bathtubs fill?
They fill thru the jets. They do not have a tub filling spout.


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