Modern Steam showers

Conventional shower or steam shower

Conventional shower or exclusive steam shower A shower allows artificial irrigation of the body with cold or warm water, which is intended for body cleansing. In earlier times you could find a shower mainly in public baths. At the present time, a shower is part of the normal furnishings of a bathroom. Especially small apartments are now equipped with a shower instead of a bathtub....


Benefit Of A Thermostatic Valve For The Shower

Has this ever happened to you? You’re enjoying a perfectly relaxing shower, warm water is showering down onto you. Then, the water turns ice cold! Or, perhaps worse, it turns scalding hot. Installing a thermostatic valve ensures that the temperature will never vary from your preferred setting no matter what happens. Someone else in your home could flush the toilet or turn on the tap...

How To Keep Your Steam Shower Clean

Whether it is in a home or at a commercial wellness facility, the decision to install a steam shower cannot be reckless because of the considerable amount to be spent. Also, because the expenditures don’t end at the installation. After spending a huge chunk of your savings on a luxury and not-so-common bath installation, one just cannot be lackadaisical about its upkeep. Steam showers, just lik...

steam bath best use

The Best Temperature for Steam Showers

There was a time when enjoying the benefits of a steam shower was something available only to those who had access to a gym or had the money to have one in their homes. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that nearly anyone can have the very best in steam showers in their home. The question remains, however, what is the best temperature at which to set your steam shower? Man...

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