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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting EAGO Products


 Steam Showers

No Steam comes out of Steamer when turned on or only little steam produced?
– If little or no steam is produced and you can hear the steamer working 1- Check the drain solenoid is fully closing, possibly drain solenoid is defective or debris in the drain solenoid is keeping it from fully closing causing water to run thru steamer and not be heated properly.
E3 Code Displayed on display and no steam produced?
– If E3 Code is displayed on displayed on keypad and no steam produced but other functions of shower continue to work. The E3 Code means the shower is sensing there is no water going to the steamer.  1- Check the water lines going to shower are connected and valves are open. Also ensure there are no kinks in any of the supply lines going into the steamer. 2- Check that the wires going to the water level sensor located on top of steamer are properly connected.
Steam button is depressed but the steamer fails to turn on?
There are 2 reset pins on the face of the steamer. On the upper RH portion of the face of the steamer there are 2 round pins protruding from the steamer. Make sure they are fully pressed in.
I am only able to turn my temperature valve half way?
There is an anti scald protection built into the control knob, it is set to stop at 35degrees Celcius. In order to turn the temperature hotter you need to press and hold the button on the handle down while turning.NOTE: You must do this when shower is off as it will be difficult to turn with shower on.
Temperature control valve is difficult to turn or can not turn at all?
– Try turning the valve back and forth several times to loosen it up. NOTE Turn while water is off and valve is cold.
– Remove the valve cartridge and soak it overnight in CLR or Vinegar and brush screens after soaking with toothbrush before reinstalling cartridge and testing shower. If after soaking valve overnight, valve still fails to turn then contact us about obtaining a replacement cartridge for your shower.
I just installed my shower but I only get hot or cold water nothing in between?
EAGO showers utilize a thermostatically controlled valve cartridge. If you find you get all hot or all cold water when turning the valve one way or the other but nothing in between then most likely you have hot and cold water lines reversed when connecting the shower to your water supply in your home.
I just connected power to my shower, it only beeps nothing happens?
EAGO Steam showers require 220V power to the shower to operate properly. Ensure you have 220v power at the shower using a clamp on electrical meter. Many electricians and do it yourselfrs mistakenly only supply 110V power to the shower by incorrectly connecting the breaker in the electrical panel.


Whirlpool Bathtubs

I press button to turn on Jets to bathtub but nothing happens?
– EAGO bathtubs require that they be completely full of water before the jets will turn on.
I press power button on bathtub but it turns off after few seconds?
– The control panel will light up when pressing the power button but will require you to press the power button a second time within a few seconds to turn on the bathtub.



I press flush valve but toilet does not flush properly?
– Press and hold the flush handle or buttons down for 2-3 seconds before releasing, this allows for water from the tank to enter the bowl and properly dispose of waste in the bowl.
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