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Bottom Hydro-Massage System

Whirlpool Bottom Hydro-Massage System

The extremely sensational bottom hydro-massage system supersedes all air bubble systems.

In addition to normal back and side hydro-massage system, an extremely sensational bottom hydro-massage system is incorporated into most EAGO whirlpool baths. Usually only air bubble jets are available on the bottom of bathtubs. This is no longer the case with sensitive points on the back and legs targeted an excellently soothing effect is achieved.

The true hydro massage of EAGO baths is an absolutely different experience from air bubble baths. So much so that EAGO Bathtubs qualify as a true hydro-therapy device that is covered under many medical health plans when recommended by a doctor.






Bottom Hydro-Massage System

Air Bubble System
Health Improvement Function Bottom Hydro-massage function combines water massage with air. It stimulates blood circulation and achieves excellent soothing effect. Air bubble system stimulates the skin by numerous air bubble. Slight and soft stimulation is felt from the air bubbles. It does not help physically.
Comfortableness Stimulative and comfortable; because it makes use of water pump which is much more quieter then air pump. Most air blower  systems blow cold air, so it feels very cold when the air bubbles touch your skin, even though the water temperature is hot and quickly cools the temperature of the water. Usually air blowers are much more noisy than water hydro-massage pumps.
Endurance Long Life – Not affected by air or water. Usually bathroom is humid so the air blower fails quickly.
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