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Sanitary Piping

The Benefits of a PVC Piping System

EAGO whirlpool bathtubs are the only truly sanitary whirlpool bathtub on the market. They are designed so that water never remains in the lines of the whirlpool jets or the drain. This prevents bacteria, mold, & odor buildup that can be a problem in some jetted bathtub designs. All EAGO bathtubs are fully drainable by use of a special patented design utilizing drain solenoids that cause all water left in the jet lines to fully drain out of the tub every time the bath is emptied, leaving nothing in the bathtub to go skunky.


sanitary bathtubs




EAGO Bathtubs also utilize solid Molded PVC piping not flexible corrigated plastic piping as most manufacturers use. The smooth molded piping does not allow for any place for bacteria to build up. Making EAGO baths the Perfect Bathroom Solution.

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