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Conventional shower or steam shower

Modern Steam showers

Conventional shower or steam shower

Conventional shower or exclusive steam shower

A shower allows artificial irrigation of the body with cold or warm water, which is intended for body cleansing. In earlier times you could find a shower mainly in public baths. At the present time, a shower is part of the normal furnishings of a bathroom. Especially small apartments are now equipped with a shower instead of a bathtub. A shower is no longer needed for cleansing the body, but also for increasing well-being and relaxation. Owning a steam shower is already part of the luxury equipment.

Simple beauty meets the latest technology

The dream of every gourmet is this EAGO steam shower DZ949F6 in white in size 100×100 cm. The considerable standing height of 208 cm is suitable for everyone. The products of the Graz series are characterized by their simple beauty and impress with state-of-the-art comfort through state-of-the-art technology. This functional steam shower made by EAGO will not only impress you with its great price.

A steam shower that leaves nothing to be desired

Like any other steam shower, the steam shower by EAGO has a glass shower cabin made of safety glass. The back wall is made of opaque real glass in white satin. The rain shower will inspire you and you will not want to miss it anymore. The relaxation begins as soon as you enter the steam shower . The digital temperature and time control allows you to easily control all programs. For your personal favorite fragrance, a steam outlet is provided. The ceiling lighting ensures inner satisfaction. The selection of a radio station can be quickly found via the control. Close your eyes, smell your scent and let the rain shower take you into a warm summer rain. Enjoy your own personal break, whenever you want.

Relaxation for everyone

The steam shower is generously sized with a length of 1000 mm, a width of 1000 mm and a height of 2300 mm. Here everyone will find enough space. For older people who can not stand so long a stool is provided. Of course, for everyone else.

At EAGO Canada you are in safe hands

If you have decided for a steam shower, then you can take over the construction yourself. This is done quickly by the pre-installed modules. You can also have the goods delivered and hand over the structure to a specialist. Ask for the delivery and installation costs, then you get a personal offer and the professionals of EAGO take care of everything. From delivery to perfect construction. Put everything in the hands of people who understand their craft.

Should you ever have a problem with your steam shower, then come quickly and easily a technician and repair your wellness oasis. The sidewall can be loosened in a few simple steps and the maintenance-friendly technology can be reached and repaired so quickly. so no big deal.

Contributed by: EAGO Canada STEAM Shower Specialists

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