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Benefit Of A Thermostatic Valve For The Shower


Benefit Of A Thermostatic Valve For The Shower

Has this ever happened to you? You’re enjoying a perfectly relaxing shower, warm water is showering down onto you. Then, the water turns ice cold! Or, perhaps worse, it turns scalding hot.

Installing a thermostatic valve ensures that the temperature will never vary from your preferred setting no matter what happens. Someone else in your home could flush the toilet or turn on the tap at the kitchen sink. It doesn’t matter. Because you’ve installed this valve, your set water temperature will never vary.

Thermostatic faucet valve

Doesn’t that make it worth the effort?

Of course if you’re enjoying a steam shower, you don’t actually have to worry about turning into a block of ice or the being scalded by water that’s much too hot.

Most people who buy steam showers also choose to use them as a regular shower. For that reason, installing a thermostatic valve at the same time that the steam shower is installed in the bathroom will ensure the perfect home spa experience.




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