2 Person Rectangular Infrared Sauna

Bask in the warmth and elegance of this luxurious far infrared sauna exquisitely crafted with natural Canadian hemlock wood.

Whether you use your sauna to wind down or de-stress, to detoxify for a healthier body or before bed for a deeper, more restful sleep, let this far infra-red sauna work its magic on you. The sauna is elegantly crafted from tongue and groove Canadian hemlock wood, providing the perfect natural environment for you to indulge in the warmth and pure luxury of far infra-red heat therapy. Go solo or with another while basking in this wooded oasis with tempered windows and beautiful architecture.

The BS-9218 features innovative technology with interior and exterior digital controls, oxygen ionizer, internal/external lighting,  JVC CD player with MP3 capabilities, and color chroma-therapy lights for deeper relaxation and stress reduction.

Room enough for two, this luxurious sauna won’t take up more floor space than the average bathtub, measuring just 42 x 49 x 72 inches, and is designed to fit into domestic bathrooms or any space with a 110V electricity supply. In its sauna capacity, it reaches temperatures of between 77F – 151F, and features an interior for maximum relaxation with bench seating, a towel rack, a holder for your cup, a foot heater and speakers. A sauna like the BS-9218 Far Infra-red model is the perfect haven in the home for relaxation, detoxification and a warm escape from the hectic world.

Far Infrared Sauna Features:

  • Luxurious, elegantly crafted sauna for two people.
  • Far infrared sauna cabin with external/internal digital controls, elegant internal/external lighting features, JVC CD Player with MP3 and FM speakers.
  • Tongue and groove, easy to assemble Canadian hemlock.
  • Wooden door with tempered glass windows.
  • Soothing spa treatments of Color chroma-therapy lights and far infra-red 5-15um wavelength ceramic heaters.
  • Five heaters with temperatures ranging from 77F – 151F
  • European style sauna with comfortable wooden seating, towel rack, cup holder and floor heating.

Exceeds Standards:

  •  Sauna Certified to CSA, UL and CE Electrical Standards for Canada, US and Europe
  • Rohs Certified to be absolutely 100% free of any toxic Substances
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Components and Structure- Warranty applies even in a Commercial setting
  • Lifetime Free Technical Support

Additional Information

Cubed Shipping Weight 868 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 49 x 76 in
Actual Weight 460 lbs
Manufacturer Beauty Saunas
Warranty Lifetime
CSA and UL Certified for Canada and USA Yes
Color Chroma-Therapy Lights Yes
Heater Type 100% Ceramic Heaters from Japan
Ultra Low EMF Heater Output Yes Less Than 3 Milligauss
Far Infrared Heater Wavelengths 5.6 – 15 um
AM-FM Speakers Yes
Oxygen Ionizer Yes
Construction Tongue & Grove Walls w/latches
Towel Rack Yes
Door with Window Yes
External Lighting Yes
Internal Lighting Yes
Crown Molding Yes
External Digital Control Yes
Internal Digital Control Yes
Operating Temp 77F – 151F
Wood Material 100 % Canadian Hemlock
Foot Heater Yes
Cup Holder Yes
JVC CD Player with MP3 Yes
Number of Heaters 5
Power Consumption 1,600Watts
Power Required 110V / 15 AMPS / 1,600 W
Control panel inside and outside of Sauna Yes



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