-Hand-Held shower
-Freewave whirlpool system, which features EAGO patent 100% fully drainable system ensuring no water is left in the pipes.
-Bathtubs fill through all pipes and jets, flushing the entire system each time the bathtub is used.
Other manufacturers only fill via the faucet and without EAGO patent drainage system. This means old water is left in the pipes until the next time the whirlpool system is used, which could be several months.
-Fashionable touch-screen control panel
-New hydro-massage jet with impulse and rotary massage fucntions
-Sydney&Freewave whirlpool systems promote healthy bathing
-Sensational bottom hydro-massage system.
-Massage system especially designed for use by children, combing reduced water level, health and safety
-Auto protection function for pump. This means that if there is not enough water in the whirlpool bathtub, the pimp cannot be started.
-Ozone disinfection function (only available with CT control system)
-FM radio
-Waste with trap

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