AM154JDTSZ/JDTS-1 Sizes::1790x800x640mm AM154-1JDCLZ/RD Sizes::1700x800x640mm AM154-2JDCLZ/RD Sizes::1600x750x640mm AM154-3JDCLZ/RD Sizes::1500x750x640mm

-Whirlpool bathtub with panels on 2 sides
-6 types of massage modes available, bringing incredible massage experiences:
a) 4 different types of massage intensity optional;
b) automatically gradual change of massage intensity optional;
c) impulsive massage optional
-Unique small children massage function. Now you can leave the children alone to enjoy the massage by themselves, because the water depth can be very low!
-2 HP pump
-21 jets in total, with 5 back hydro-massage jets, 8 side hydro-massage jets and 8 bottom hydro-massage jets
-Water capacity: 170 L~273L
-Fashionable touch-screen control panel
-Perfectly drainable whirlpool system, excellently healthy
-Sensational bottom hydro-massage system
-Auto protection function for pump (if there is no enough water in the whirlpool bathtub, the pump can not be started)
-1KW heater and ozone disinfection function optional
-Waste with trap is equipped, which prevents bad smell from the drain system
-Pillow optional
-Model: choice: AM154JDTSZ/JDTS-1, AM154-1JDCLZ/RD, AM154-2JDCLZ/RD, AM154-3JDCLZ/RD

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